Chateau Getaway 2015: Day 5

On this day we took a drive to Cordes-sur-Ciel in the Albi region. We first stopped at a small brocante to have a quick look before heading to town then to the base of the hill to begin the trek up the cobblestone streets to this magical looking village with spectacular views.

The road was the same seen in 100 Foot Journey. The views in this region are breathtaking. We popped into the little Brocante before heading into the medieval village. I was about shopped out but managed to take several photos outside the shop.

Then we headed into the village. Many of us needed to hit up the ATM machine and find a (seatless!) potty before hiking up the hill. The others rode the tram up. Molly and I were the last ones to head up and we seemed to take a different route. The views!

Atop the hill we met up with the others and the group wound through as many shops as we could before lunch.

While many of the shops were closed for lunch our group had a nice lunch out on the balcony of an eatery with the most amazing views.

So picturesque! After lunch we visited a bit then headed back out to see as many shops as we could before it was time to walk back down the steep cobblestone streets and reboard the bus.

We were going to head back to the Chateau but Charlotte or fantastic chef had invited us for tea at her home! This was a first in the 7 years French General has been coming to Chateau Dumas and we were so honored to be guests at her home with her family.

Thank you Charlotte and family for being such kind hosts! (and to our poor bus driver who probably had 9 heart attacks getting the bus down the drive and back to the road!)

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