Chateau Getaway 2015: The Final Day

The last supper at the Chateau…

After spending the day packing and playing in the workshop we had a farewell dinner where we would all wear our Woad dyed clothes for photos.

Group photo

We had dinner in front of the Chateau. The staff dressed the table and set out wine and bubbles. We were all afraid to talk much about it being our last night.

Below you will see me in my blue dyed tunic with Kaari from French General and Amy (Amy Butler textile designer). After some pictures we seated ourselves around a long table for the last time.

Dinner is served. I actually ate foie gras TWICE on this trip. Though I had to give some away. I couldn’t finish it.

The staff brought out beautiful desserts. I think we got a couple of photos… haha. Did you get it? You? Take a picture!

Then we said farewell to the staff and offered them a token of our gratitude. Julia gave a wonderful speech for us all and I found I was relieved that Kaari and her family are as weepy as I am. We were all touched by this fun and wonderful week. Maybe being well fed is part of the success but a large part is the people who put it together. Thank you Charlotte and to Christopher and all the women who ran around keeping us fed, hydrated, and comfortable.

I find myself feeling a bit misty eyed as I come to the end of these photos and posts. I know I keep saying what a great week it was but so do all of the other women. I feel fortunate to have had this experience. The friendship and inspiration will always be with me.


Want to know more about the Chateau Getaway? Check out French General out of LA. Tell Kaari hi and that Becca from week 1 sent you. I really enjoyed this getaway and feel blessed to have been part of this amazing week. The Meng family is super sweet and FUNNY. A special THANK YOU to Kaari for following her dream and creating the Chateau Getaway. Thank you to her mom Kick, sister Molly, daughter Sophia and friend Mogul for making the week extra enjoyable with your presence.


*I was in no way sponsored to do this or any other Chateau Getaway posts. I had a fabulous experience and am better for it.

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