Scrappy Quilt

A year or two ago I made a scrappy chevron quilt for my Sister in Law and her hubby. I picked lots of greys with blacks and silvers to blend in with their new home. Choosing the mix of patterns was a lot of fun as was constructing the  quilt for them. Months after the quilt was in their home I began looking over the scraps I’d kept. There were all of these sewn together bits that I couldn’t toss.

One day I put on some music and began sewing. Without a plan or a care. Just sew, cut, sew, cut, repeat. It was a lot of fun and quite relaxing. I had no idea I was practicing “intuitive sewing”.

black and white scrap quilt

Fast forward a year and Amy Butler had a group of us doing an intuitive sewing project that was quite similar. What a fun process this is. It is also a great way to use up scraps. My piece was coming together quite well.  You’ll see in this pic that I was working with some teeny tiny pieces but making it work.

I’ve now gone and purchased additional materials to help link it together. Though I’m missing having the little bits I have to piece together like a stringed puzzle.

Stay tuned- I think a mini workshop in my lil Danish town is in order after my trip to the U.S.

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