Vintage Sari Bracelets

Sari bracelet 1

I recently picked up a couple of vintage saris from India. I chose two with my favorite color- teal/turquoise. When I got them, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with them, but felt inspired. Inspiration came by way of a workshop I attended by the amazing Amy Butler while at the Chateau Getaway this summer. I wanted to recreate that experience, while putting my own twist on the project. There we turned strips of gorgeous silk and gauzy fabrics into unique braided necklaces. We sewed and tied on beads and baubles. It was fabulous. Braiding the long strands was so relaxing and the atmosphere charged with creativity and joy.

I’ve longed to recreate those fabulous afternoons and think I have found a little project to do that. I sat down in my living room and just sort of started playing with the fabric and let the process just come to me. I made a knotted bracelet and have loved wearing it since.

Today I made several more and a couple of necklaces. I had a great time and hope to set up a workshop date soon. I would love to see what other women come up with! I need to get more materials. If you’ve seen sari’s in Northern Europe, let me know! Just putting it out to the universe. ;D


sari bracelet

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