Fabrikanterne: Shop + Studio



I happened upon the grand opening of this shop and workspace on Facebook some months back. The concept had me curious so I showed up at the grand opening in September and was glad I did. is a mixed space of store front and studios. Local artists and craftspeople may rent studios space and sell pieces in the shop. Brilliant! You can read more

What I didn’t realize that day was that I would later be returning to the Studios/Shop as a guide for a workshop. This summer I was completely inspired by my favorite fabric designer (and amazing human) Amy Butler of Amy Butler Design. She led us t hrough a couple of fabulous workshops, one being an intuitive sewing workshop. I wanted to share the experience I had with others and see what it would be like to offer a taste of the workshop I experienced and see what path the journey takes me on toward future workshops of my own design.


I never anticipated some of the cultural and language differences that might arise. It’s been amazing how different the fabrics we bring are from one another and how they mix together. The cultural differences and approaches have been fun to watch. I really look forward to tomorrow. Some of my gals will be repeats so I’m curious to see how things evolve since they have been through it before.

I’m grateful to Fabrikanterne for the experience and opportunity. I’m inspired to develop new workshops on my own and potentially with other creative spirits in the area.

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