Toulouse: Day 2

Good morning! Feeling refreshed I wake and am greeted by breakfast delivery. Wonderful yogurt, fresh fruit, and perfect little crescents. The view, []


In June I took a trip of a lifetime. The first part of this trip starts with me in Toulouse, France.   Day One []

customize your generic sofa

So you love vintage furniture and finds but maybe not so much a vintage sofa… I don’t blame you. Reupholstering can be a costly customization but almost always necessary if you use an old sofa. If you find yourself on an IKEA budget, don’t worry. After living in Denmark I see that Ikea actually offers better quality at a great price than other non designer (i.e. extremely expensive) options in the area. Apartment Therapy had a recent post on customizing your IKEA sofa. Find []


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Welcome to my world of Found Fabric Fish.  FFF’s are made out of fabric that might otherwise end up in the trash and ultimately in landfill. One man’s trash is another treasure.  There are organizations around me that practically give away fabric.  The ones I go to charge for scraps by the bag – anywhere from $5 for a grocery bag full of scraps to $20.  The money goes to cover the cost of running their non profits and…