Online Shopping

Magpieweekend is mostly all things vintage- however… Sometimes you need a new piece to meet a need or to function in a particular way without hunting to the ends of the earth. I was just cruising Room & Board’s facebook page and came across a article on “The 38 Essential Home and Furniture Stores to Shop Online“.  It was listed on Room & Board’s page because of course they were listed. Having had the opportunity to work at the San Francisco []

Vintage Spice

My family recently took a spontaneous trip to Hamburg. The first day was mostly driving down from Denmark, checking into our hotel and taking the kids to Miniatur Wunderland. Quite a fun exhibit actually. Day two we decided to walk back down to the wharf and try out Spicy’s: “The only Spice Museum in the World”. (A quick google search only turned up a Longstanton Spice Museum in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) Spicy’s was founded in the early 1990’s in a couple of store []

Danish Christmas Florals

I popped into a florist shop on the West side of Billund (Denmark) and was delighted to see the beautiful designs the ladies had created to kick off the holiday season. I just had to share! Hope some of their designs inspire you!


Last weekend my family took a mini excursion to the oldest town in Denmark, Ribe. One of the highlights of the quick trip was a visit to the Museet Ribes Vikinger. This is a wonderful museum walking through the Viking Age through the Middle Ages (including a children’s middle ages area!) and a current exhibit of The Christian Vikings. Here are a few visual highlights from our museum visit. I hope some of the designs, patterns, textures and colors inspire you!

Woud you belive?…

This part of Denmark has Magpies EVERYWHERE. I’ll take it as a sign to find you lovely and inspiring things for home. Christmas has been arriving in stores already. Watch for some Danish traditions and displays. xo

Beautiful Billund Shop

Blomster I BIllund was a place I remembered from our quick trip out in August.  I have been wanting to pop by to see what they are offering now that it’s Autumn. The owner or shopkeeper does a beautiful job displaying plants and flowers. I just love what they do. Today, I promised the boys a treat from the bakery next door just so I could walk by and take a quick glimpse. That’s about what I got, aquick look. I’ll have to venture by sans []

Hello from Denmark!

Hi! I’ve arrived in Denmark with my little family. We are in the process of settling in. Hopefully I will discover some cute shops and markets soon! In the mean time- I’ll add pics now and then of our house hunting journey and setting up home in central Denmark.